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Paynimo helps you carry out secure online payments with a strong focus on ‘Mobile First.’

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Paynimo is a next-generation online payment gateway, built with a strong focus on ‘Mobile First’. Your existing smartphone will now provide you with everything you need to take your business to greater heights, in the palm of your hand! Paynimo offers unique advantages to you and your customers alike. Transacting through our online payment gateway is as simple as sending a text message. All you need to know is what you already know - your customer’s mobile number or email ID! Being a next-generation online payment gateway, Paynimo works across all devices and banks, so you can conduct transactions, anywhere and anytime. With nearly 100 online payment options, Paynimo not only has the ability to recover lost transactions, but also follows a secure verification procedure to reduce the risk of fraud. Paynimo converts your regular reminder SMS and mails into actionable payment tools, thereby improving your collections!


Next-Generation Payment Gateway

Paynimo Checkout

e–Payment on Delivery



Standing Instruction Payments

Virtual POS

Interactive Voice Response Service

Mobile SDK


Mobile First Technology

Take Your Business Online Without Going Online

Best Success Ratio

Fastest Checkout Optimised Across All Devices

Works with Minimal Details Like Mobile Number & Email ID

First in Industry Features to Reduce Cart Dropouts & Improve Collections

Simple, Safe & Secure

Fastest Integration for Quickest Go-to Market

170+ Payment Options

Built in Coupon & Promo Code

Best Payment UX

Social Network Integrations

Quick, Efficient Initiation & Settlement of Funds

Convert Passive SMS & Email into Actionable Payment Tools